Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekly Pull List: 5/14/2014

It's time for this week's pull list!  As always, all the comics available this week are available on Comixology, and any breaking comics news can be found on Comic Book Resources.

Dark Horse
Star Wars #17

Batman Eternal #6
Green Lantern Corps #31
New 52 Future's End #2

The Walking Dead #127

All-New Ultimates #2
All-New X-Men #27
Avengers #29
Captain Marvel #3
Deadpool #28
Fantastic Four #4
Iron Man #25
Nightcrawler #2
Wolverine #6

Be sure to pick up...

The Walking Dead #127
The aftermath of All Out War begins here! Can Rick continue to lead the group, or is he too far gone? I really enjoyed All Out War, and it had a couple surprises along the way.  A new era of The Walking Dead begins here!

Deadpool #28
Deadpool goes on his honeymoon! After last month's colossal issue that saw Deadpool get married, this issue should be great.  Nothing can go wrong, I'm sure of it.  Right?

That's all for this week!  Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave a comment below with what books you're picking up this week!

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