Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Friday night I went to a late showing of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 3D. I really enjoyed it, and I really liked some of the things they did with the characters. Read on to see my review. 

Warning: Spoilers!

The movie starts off with the untold story of the Parkers, and it's pretty cool. They let us know why they had to leave Peter with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and Richard Parker's experiments were actually pretty interesting. 

Max Dillon has some serious issues. I mean, yeah, he turns into a super villain; of course he has issues. But he was crazy before the whole Electro thing. The effects for Electro were pretty sweet, and I couldn't really tell he was computer-generated. That may have been due to the fact that most of the movie was CGI, and it kind of felt like a video game. 

Harry Osborn shows up right as his father is about to die, and he ends up inheriting Oscorp.  He comes off very emotional and just kind of whiny, but I can see where he's coming from.

The one weird thing about Harry is how after he takes over Oscorp, Peter just shows up and they're like best friends again. That would be perfectly fine if they had been hanging out before he came into all this money and power. But they haven't seen each other in EIGHT years. That's a pretty long time to go without talking to your BFF. 

The whole reason Harry becomes the Green Goblin is because of a hereditary disease that begins to manifest when he takes over for his father. Except his father was way older when he finally got really sick and died, but we're supposed to believe that Harry's illness is extremely accelerated and he begins to "die" in just a matter of weeks. 

The Peter and Gwen dynamic throughout the movie was very enjoyable, and Gwen plays the hero before the end of the movie.  She finally turns the tide in the final battle with Electro, and she comes out as one of the true heroes of the movie.

Andrew Garfield is also really funny as Spider-Man, and he does a great job with the jokes throughout the movie.  It really feels like you're watching the comic book.

The final showdown with Electro is also a great example of why so many people love Spider-Man.  He puts his life on the line so that the rest of New York can survive and so that he may finally stop Electro. 

Now I'm not going to ruin the actual ending with the Green Goblin, but make sure you have some tissues ready. 

The movie ends with Peter doing that whole "I don't want to be Spider-Man" thing, but he ultimately stands up to take down the Rhino.  

And there's no need to stay after the credits.  Once you see the post-credits Days of Future Past  preview, there isn't anything else.  But you can use the Shazam app on the Alicia Keys song to get a preview of the Sinister Six.

Overall, the movie was good, and it was a solid follow-up to its predecessor.  Make sure you take a trip out with friends and see the movie that kicks off the summer movie season!

My rating: 9/10

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