Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Austin Dillon Ready for Kentucky: "You Feel Like Superman"

Austin Dillon said he was ready to race at Kentucky this weekend just days after a horrifying crash on the final lap of Sunday's Coke Zero 400.

Dillon had a busy morning of media availablity on Tuesday, which included appearances on the Today Show and SportsCenter before a NASCAR teleconference.  Dillon walked the media through the accident from his perspective.

"When [Hamlin] got turned...I kind of knew were in a bad situation at that point," Dillon said.  "I just remember getting launched up, and then the first violent part of the wreck was when we turned upside down."
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Dillon said he tensed up and grabbed the wheel when his car was headed towards the catchfence.  He went on to say that the hardest hit was when Brad Keselowski lost control of his car and made contact with Dillon.

"I thought it was over, and then when Brad came through and hit us at the end, it was pretty hard, that last lick."

Dillon went on to say that the accident will not affect his performance on the track.  He said he was mentally and physically prepared to race this weekend at Kentucky Speedway.

"As a driver you try not to let that emotion creep into your head, because I'm confident as I've ever been right now because of the safety," Dillon said.  "I believe I'm still strong and confident.  If I was shaken...I wouldn't be getting in that car next weekend.  But I feel fine."

"If I can take a lick like that and feel as good as I do right now, I feel like I can do anything.  You feel like Superman."

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