Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NASCAR Games Get New Developer

DMi Games has taken over development duties on all new NASCAR video games moving forward.

The change was announced on Eutechnyx's Twitter account on Wednesday morning.  The announcement said that DMi Games would take over and deliver a "high quality NASCAR digital game fan experience."  The Eutechnyx NASCAR Twitter and Facebook pages will be shut down on January 21.

DMi Games has been founded by Tom Dusenberry and Ed Martin.  The two have joined forces with HC2 to create NASCAR Interactive Entertainment publisher Dusenberry-Martin Interactive - DMi Games.

Both Dusenberry and Martin are veterans of the video games industry, and Martin has worked on past iterations of NASCAR games with Eutechnyx. 

DMi announced that it had acquired game assets from Eutechnyx, and the company has moved to Charlotte, NC.

Keep an eye on DMi Games' website for more information on the company and new NASCAR games moving forward.

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