Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekly Pull List: 3/12/2014

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for this week's pull list!  For all the comics available this week, head on over to Comixology, and check out Comic Book Resources for any breaking comics news.

Dark Horse
Star Wars #15
The Star Wars Lucas Draft #6 (of 8)

Batman #29
Nightwing #29

Invincible #109
The Walking Dead #123

All-New X-Men #24
Captain Marvel #1
Daredevil: Road Warrior Infinite Comic #3 (Online Only)
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #10 (Online Only)
Deadpool #25.1
Fantastic Four #2
Hawkeye #17
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9
Superior Spider-Man #29
Wolverine #3

Be sure to pick up...

Batman #29
This is the conclusion to the "Dark City" storyline of the Zero Year story arc, and it's been absolutely fantastic.  This is an over-sized issue, so it'll be $4.99, but it should totally be worth it.

Captain Marvel #1
I don't really know much about Captain Marvel.  I was only introduced to her through the first couple issues of Avenging Spider-Man a few years ago.  But I've heard good things about the previous Captain Marvel book, and this is a new #1 in All-New Marvel NOW!  I'm excited to pick this one up and give it a chance.

Superior Spider-Man #29 
This issue is another part of the Goblin Nation story.  This has been a really good storyline, and it has quickly gone downhill for Doc Ock.  Spider-Man 2099 is also going to be back in this issue, after he's been creeping around in previous issues.  There have been rumors of a new Spider-Man 2099 series, and I really hope they're true.

That's it for this week's pull list!  Comment below with the books that you're picking up this week!

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