Friday, January 25, 2013

Top 10 Movies of 2013

First post of 2013!  I'd like to stat by apologizing for not posting anything since the end of the 2012 NASCAR season.  As soon as the season ended, I got caught up in school work, and before I knew it finals were over and winter break had begun.  I didn't post anything over winter break because I decided to relax and just watch movies all month long.  But now the spring semester is about to begin, and so is the 2013 NASCAR season!  But before that starts, I'd like to run down the top ten movies I'm most looking forward to in 2013!

10. Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17, 2013)
I really enjoyed the first Star Trek movie.  I really liked what J.J. Abrams did, and this one looks even better.  And I'm slowly working my way through all of the original television series, so this movie is right what I'm looking for.

9. Carrie (October 18, 2013)
I love Stephen King, I'm working on reading all the books he's written.  In fact, my favorite book is IT.  And I've read Carrie, and I really liked it.  And even after all of that, this movie is still only ninth on my list.  The reason for that is the fact that I don't think we need another Carrie movie.  I can't tell if this a remake, a remake of a remake, or a re-imagining like Hollywood has done in recent years (ahem...Halloween).

8. Thor: The Dark World (November 8, 2013)
I really liked Thor, and I loved The Avengers.  And I'm really excited to see how they build up to the next Avengers movie, and this will be the second post-Avengers movie after Iron Man 3.  Oh, and it also has Christopher Eccleston.  He was the ninth doctor in Doctor Who, which is my favorite TV show.  Small world, huh?

7. Evil Dead (April 12, 2013)
I really liked the original Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell.  And if you haven't seen the trailer for this movie, it looks amazing.  It has everything I like; blood, guts, horror, and people getting possessed by demons.  Below is the red band trailer, and it is very bloody.

6. 42 (April 12, 2013)
I love a great baseball movie.  This movie is the story of Jackie Robinson and everything he had to go through to break through the race barrier in Major League Baseball.  I'm really excited for when this movie comes out in April, just in time for the new baseball season.

5. World War Z (June 21, 2013)
Brad Pitt. Zombies.  Enough said.  Here's the trailer.

4. The Great Gatsby (May 10, 2013)
I love when a movie casts the perfect person for a role, and that is exactly what happened when Leonardo DiCaprio was cast as Gatsby.  I loved the book when I read it in 11th grade, and I can't wait for the movie.  I'm not even viewing the fact that it was pushed back from December to May as a bad thing.  I really cannot wait.

3. Iron Man 3 (May 3, 2013)
I love the Iron Man movies because Robert Downey Jr. is perfect as Tony Stark.  His sarcasm is hilarious, and he is my favorite of all the Avengers.  I can't wait to see what Tony Stark's latest ego trip will lead to when this comes out May 3rd.

2. The Wolverine (July 26, 2013)
Remember what I said about Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby?  Same goes for Hugh Jackman as Logan, aka Wolverine.  Of course, you already knew that since he began playing Wolverine back in 2000 when X-Men came out.  And as one of my favorite comic book characters, I am excited for The Wolverine to hit theaters this summer.

1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (December 13, 2013)
A lot of people didn't like The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  I loved it.  In fact, I saw it in the theater twice.  As soon as it  was over (which was around 3:30 a.m. because I saw a midnight screening), I couldn't wait until December to be able to see part two.  I will most likely re-read the book before next December, which will only make me more excited to see more Lord of the Rings on the big screen.

Agree with my picks?  Have a movie that you think should have made the cut?  Comment below or tweet me with what you would have chosen.  And while you're there, why not give me a follow?  Let's get to 400 followers in 2013!

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