Thursday, September 22, 2011


NASCAR video game fans were given a great game in NASCAR The Game: 2011 earlier this year.  This was obviously a very hardcore experience, meant to capture the way the cars handle, and allowed us to make setups for each track for our cars.  But on November 1st, we will be getting something a little bit different.

Don't fret Markaholics, Mark Martin will be in the game!
If you have an XBox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii or 3DS, you can play NASCAR: Unleashed.  This is an arcade racer, where the real-life racetracks only have part of the racing action.  As the press release states, "Arcade Racers Barrel off the Track and onto the Open Road in an All-New Driving Adventure."

I'm really excited about this game.  I absolutely love the real-life racing of NASCAR The Game: 2011, but its always fun to do some arcade racing too.  I loved last year's arcade racing games "Blur" and "Split/Second."  This looks like it will be a lot of fun, and I may have to have my mom or dad run this up to me the day it comes out.  Unfortunately, there aren't any Gamestops or Best Buys in Slippery Rock.

I'd like to thank Dan Amrich (OneOfSwords) for this story.  I got most of the information off his website (  If you like video games, or just a cool guy to follow, follow him on Twitter at @OneOfSwords. And make sure you listen to the OneOfSwords Podcast, a great show about Activision video games, which include NASCAR The Game: 2011 and NASCAR: Unleashed.

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